Another great explanation of the sub-prime mess that this country finds itself in from XPlane. It makes me grateful that I never fell for the terrible sub-prime mortgages that were being offered so readily when we bought our house.

While I love this country, we have become, over the years, a country of materialism. Spend, spend, spend. And if we can’t afford it? Who cares. Charge it.

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Where Did The Bubbly Go?

I have struggled to gain an understanding of what is going on in the financial markets of the last few week (other then the fact that my bank now has a new owner.)

This morning I found a amazingly simple explanation of the problem from my favorite radio show, Marketplace. Senior Editor Paddy Hirschon explains what it all means in this simple explaination. It reminds me of CommonCraft video shows. Take a look:

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Yet another ad by Sony, this one using Foam. The previous ones featured Bouncy Balls, Paint, and Playdoh Bunnies. Each of the ads were filmed in a major metro area.

I just love the concept of mass amounts of things: foam, bubbles, balls paint. Overwhelm me! It’s great. Why am I never round when they do these kind of things?!? I want to play too!

Foam City

The Making of Foam City

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