I have had problems with either not knowing that I had new comments or not realizing they were in the moderation queue. So this weekend, I setup two things that should help alleviate that.

First, I turned off comment moderation. But I didn’t just do that alone. I also added Mollom, a content moderation service. Mollom is a webservice that will monitor your content, comments and form submissions and present CAPCHA or just plain block the content if it feels that it is spammy.

The second thing I did was to enable comment notification. How, you might ask? Drupal 6 has actions and triggers built in and this was my first experience getting to play with them. Over the weekend I found an article on how to setup comment notifications in Drupal 6 using triggers and actions and it really was easy. So now, everytime someone leaves a comment, I know what was left and I can respond quickly, if need be.

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