How to post photos to Flickr, Facebook and live to Tweet about it

I’ve recently been asked by a couple people how I upload pictures to Flickr and get Facebook to post a note about it as well as send a tweet out about it. Here are my secrets!

Email to Flickr

Flickr: Your AccountFlickr provides a wonderful email interface that allows you to upload images by sending them as an email attachment. Additionally you can make it post a notice an short link to Twitter once that photo is uploaded.

Emailing to Flickr: In your account preferences, you will see a tab titled “Email“. This page lists all the email addresses associated with your account, your email preferences as well as your Flickr inbound email addresses. The email address listed as Your Flickr upload email is the address for you to send your pictures to for direct posting. The email subject becomes the picture title and the body of the email becomes the description. Flickr also allows for a syntax to keyword it.

Add Twitter: If you also have a Twitter account, Flickr will send a Tweet out for you and include a link to the picture on Flickr. To set this up, to to the “Extending Flickr” tab, scroll down to the section listed as “Your Blogs” and click “edit”. From that page click “Add another blog” and select “Twitter” from the drop down. Follow the instructions to link your accounts and you will then be given a new address on the “Email” page that is your post and Tweet address.

NOTE: Keep these addresses private. Anyone who sends a message to this address will be able to post to your account. Flickr provides a means to reset the addresses if you need to.

Add a little Facebook

Are you ready to add in some Facebook integration? Back on the “Extending Flickr“, there is a section near the bottom titled “Your Facebook account”. Click the link that is provided to link your two accounts.

You will see a screen similar to the one below:
Facebook | Brent Hardinge

Enter your Flickr username and follow the instruction to link the two accounts.

Now each time a new picture is added to Flickr, Facebook will post a message about it.

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