Making Changes

Change… It has certainly been in the news with people talking about change from Washington State to Washington DC. And since I’m in Washington State, it probably makes sense that I’m having to deal with change. In October, I was informed that my job would be no more after December 31st. It was both startling and expected. Actions speak much, much louder then words. While the stated reason for the downsizing was financial, my gut tells me that it’s costing them much more then they paid for our department to replace the functions that we provided.

In looking back, I am acutely aware of the fact that God has been working and moving to provide even before I knew that I would be looking for work. In the ensuing months, a job opened up that didn’t require me to move, get new co-workers, or even change offices. It was a huge relief for me to know that I would have work, and a pay check. Providing for a family and paying the mortgage is hard without work.

Then at 5am on December 28, a fire broke out on the roof of the office that I work at. During the course of the fire, two-thirds of the building was lost. Thankfully, my office was at the far end away from the fire but it has made for a huge disruption my new job, with days of work time spent dealing with recovering lost items and setting up an office in my basement. I spent several hours on the day of the fire at the office, helping remove computers and other equipment as well as taking pictures of the burning building. You can view those pictures on my Flickr account.

Here it is February already and I’m wondering where the time has gone! I spent 3 days in Washington DC area in mid January, have had weekly staff meetings that consume more than half a day each time.

So in the midst of all that has been happening, I haven’t had much time to actually spend writing for my website. I hope to rework this site, possibly into two different sites, as well as widen the content area. After using it now for 6 months, I have realized that I don’t write like it was designed for.

Change… it’s always happening.

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