More Nepali Memories

Last night I got an email from my friend Bhaju Ram Shrestha in Nepal. He was helped start the first Adventist church in Nepal as well as the local ADRA office and continues to be active in the local Adventist church by, among other things, translating materials into Nepali.

Nepal is changing so fast these days. This year the king was deposed and for the first time in the history of the country, they are a republic with an elected Parliament as well as a Prime Minister and President. A bigger change, in my opinion though, is that this government is no longer a Hindu government but a secular one. The Lord is certainly opening the doors for His work to advance quickly, at least for a time.

Back in May, Bhaju was interviewed by Ansel Oliver from the Adventist News Network. I’m linking to the version on the Adventist Review’s website as that is supposed to be longer but looks like the same on as ANN’s website.

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