I’ve always loved typography and the printing press. While at Southern, I had the privelidge of taking a printing class. Real presses, real ink, real plates. It was wonderful! However, I never got to use a letter press and that is where the beauty really is. Firefly Press of Somerville, Massachusetts is a shop that only does letter press work. From making their own type to designing the pieces with type to printing the finished piece on the letter press, one impression at a time.

Some days, I would love to go back to a life like that. Everything is highly mechanical and the options are right before your eyes. No browser testing, no export glitches, no bandwidth limitations or bugs (Ok, so I can see it could be a problem to get a bug in the ink, but that is different). recently ran a post about Firefly Press titled “The Magic That is Letterpress” and they included an amazing video about the work that Firefly does. The video’s are produced by

FireFly Letterpress from on Vimeo.

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