Marketing Your Website: Is SEO worth it?

With my recent job change, I have taken a new interest some new buzz words: social media, online marketing, marketing strategy, search engine optimization, etc. That last one, search engine optimization, or SEO, has always been a tricky one for me. I have met many people who feel they need to trick Google into indexing their site and that by placing the right links in the right places, you will get a better search ranking. I even talked with one ‘expert’ who told me that by embeding popular YouTube videos on his site about sunflower seeds, (not the real topic), he got more traffic and place better in the rankings for searches on “sunflower seeds” then if he just had actual, realavent content on his site.

This recent article form highlights “6 Big Myths about SEO” and it struck a nerve with me. What it really comes down to is not tricks and links, but real, good content. Want a good inbound link? Get a good review of your services. Want people to come back to your site? Give them a realavent reason, not a list of videos that has nothing to do with what your site is about!

Websites, marketing, social media, and yes, SEO, is about one thing: Do you have the content that someone wants? Are you giving your audience a reason to comeback? If not, then it’s time for a change!

Customer Service and the Post Office

Went to the Post Office this afternoon to mail a letter that I needed some kind of confirmation on. I asked the only clerk there and was then even more confused by her answers.

Finally after deciding on a product, she started working on my letter. Another clerk had arrived and the first clerk set my letter down on the counter and said “She will help you finish. It’s time for my break.”

My mouth almost dropped to the floor. The other clerk (clearly her superior ) saw my reaction and then told the first clerk to finish what she started. The first clerk questioned her saying she needed her break before a certain time.

And some wonder why the Post Office is failing? That, my friend, is basic customer service!


This is passion:

“If you are working on something exciting you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” — Steve Jobs



How many times do we get caught up in the business of doing church and forget that the real business is what Christ sent us to do: Make Disciples!

Watch this video after the break for a great reminder of what we should be doing!

Thanks Chad for the link and reminder!

That’s My King

Love this video. Yes, That’s My King! And that is who we are celebrating at this time of year. It’s about what I get or give. It’s not about Santa or elves. The reason that I celebrate Christmas is because a Man was born. Long ago. In stable. And He lived an example for me and then died. But He rose again. For you and for me.

That’s My King.

Is He Yours?

… But Different Words

Are your words as persuasive as they could be? 

Often times, especially in web design, the content comes last. An after thought. This video, however, powerfully illustrates how different words, can make the message even more powerful.

Along the Way

When I was little, I loved Legos. Now that I’m older, I still love Legos! And I’m thrilled that both my kids do as well, though my eldest has more patience for them. (I’m sure it’s an age thing.)

The Lego CastleThe one set that I still have from my childhood is a smallish castle set. It has turret, a draw bridge and a small collection of Knights. There are a few missing pieces but nothing that prevents it from being built.

I have built it several times over the years, but every time for me it has been something that consumes all my focus till it is done. My goal is to finish it. To get it built. 

Yet recently, Kyle has taken to building it himself. In fact, today he just finished it for the second time. Yet it has taken him at least 4 days to do it. No, that’s not 4 days straight. He does it on and off a few minutes here, a few minutes there. He seems in no particular hurry to get it done. Many times he will even totally ignore the project and opt for something else.

On Friday, after he had finished the first section of wall, all the knights and horses showed up. They were standing on the wall, resting in it’s shade and acting out little scenes. They even fought off a few invaders. As the wall progressed, through each step of the way, the soldiers and knights inspected and moved into each new section.

For awhile it annoyed me that he couldn’t focus on it long enough to ‘get it done’. But then I was struck by his wisdom. Did he care that it got done? Sure he did. He just finished it today and was so excited and proud. But he wasn’t rushed to get it done. He was enjoying each step of the way. He knows his limits. He knows he can’t get it done in one day, so why rush it.

As I’ve reflected on this over the new years holiday, I realized that I need to take more time to enjoy the journey. Because once it’s over, it’s over. But the joy comes along the way.

Too often I focus on getting something done. “Got to get this done.” “I need to see this accomplished.” “I can’t wait till…” But how often do I enjoy the little steps along the way?

As you began this year, take some time to think about where you are going but don’t forget to enjoy the path that you choose to take. Because it’s along those paths, that some of life’s greatest joys are found.


Recently I have run across some excellent films, thanks in no small part to Twitter. A film by Andrew Wonder that follows Steve Duncan, a urban historian and photographer, though some of the underground treasures of New York City. The film is 30 minutes long but is absolutely gripping once you get started. Images are gorgeous and it was shot entirely on a Canon 5d Mk II with one lens, a 24mm Canon L lens.

Enjoy the full video after the break. 


UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

NOTE: There is some strong language at times.