Live Each Day

This morning I was reading Genesis 24. It’s the story of Abraham sending his trusted servant to find a wife for his son. I have read this story a hundred times before but this morning as I was reading, what struck me was the sudden change. When Rebekah and her family woke that morning, the had no clue that that day would be different. She didn’t know that her choices that day would be recorded in history for generations to come, that she would become the chosen wife and mother of a nation based on her actions that day. But she got up, and went about her day as if it was any other. She helped at home, carried water, and lived her life as she did every other day.

Each morning we have the same choice but for most it won’t seem like one. Rebekah didn’t decide that she was going to be kind that day or that she would choose one person to be nice to. She did what she always did. She offered the water to the servant, not knowing who he was.

Rebekah could have walked on by, not caring for the needs of others. She had things to do. The water was needed back home and she needed to get it there. But she chose to put others needs above her own. She chose to serve, to give. It was one act, but it was not something new. It was the same thing she would have done if any other thirsty traveler had asked for a drink. She was just being Rebekah. And it changed her life FOREVER.