I’m nothing, if not a sucker for a good video and these are certainly amazing examples of some great photography/videography. The work was done over the course of 45 days by┬áColin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill: A 200+ mile backpacking experience through Yosemite National Park captured by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill. This project was filmed […]


3 things I admire about my Dad

As I listened to a half-dozen people in church give tributes to their dad, my thoughts drifted, as could be expected, to my Dad, and the things I have learned from him. Dad has always been the man I looked up to, wanted to be like, and turned to for advice. Whether needing help with a home improvement project or needing council about deeper matters, Dad has always been there.


Live Each Day

This morning I was reading Genesis 24. It’s the story of Abraham sending his trusted servant to find a wife for his son. I have read this story a hundred times before but this morning as I was reading, what struck me was the sudden change. When Rebekah and her family woke that morning, the had no clue that that day would be different. She didn’t know that her choices that day would be recorded in history for generations to come, that she would become the chosen wife and mother of a nation based on her actions that day. But she got up, and went about her day as if it was any other.


Marketing Your Website: Is SEO worth it?

With my recent job change, I have taken a new interest some new buzz words: social media, online marketing, marketing strategy, search engine optimization, etc. That last one, search engine optimization, or SEO, has always been a tricky one for me. I have met many people who feel they need to trick Google into indexing their site and that by placing the right links in the right places, you will get a better search ranking.


Customer Service and the Post Office

Went to the Post Office this afternoon to mail a letter that I needed some kind of confirmation on. I asked the only clerk there and was then even more confused by her answers.

Finally after deciding on a product, she started working on my letter. Another clerk had arrived and the first clerk set my letter down on the counter and said “She will help you finish. It’s time for my break.”


That’s My King

Love this video. Yes, That’s My King! And that is who we are celebrating at this time of year. It’s about what I get or give. It’s not about Santa or elves. The reason that I celebrate Christmas is because a Man was born. Long ago. In stable. And He lived an example for me and then died. But He rose again. For you and for me.

That’s My King.

Is He Yours?


… But Different Words

Are your words as persuasive as they could be? 

Often times, especially in web design, the content comes last. An after thought. This video, however, powerfully illustrates how different words, can make the message even more powerful.