My Line in the Sand

Back in April, I wrote about my new fitness training program. It was a purely selfish reason that I did it: I didn’t want to get showed up by my “addicted to running” friend. However the side effect was that by the time I ran Bloomsday, I had lost almost 20lbs!

The afternoon after I ran Bloomsday, I flew to Seattle for work. I realized, while standing in line at the TSA without a belt, that my pants didn’t say on like they used to. Aside from the work to keep the pants up, it was a good feeling. On returning home, I got to purchase some new pants.

But soon the running and daily tracking of my eating fell apart.

I continued to monitor my weight over the summer and amazingly it is still the same as when I ran Bloomsday! That’s a positive.

So I have set a new goal. Be at 200lbs by New Years. That gives me 16 weeks from today. And I think I can do it.

This morning I weighed in at 228lbs. Sixteen weeks to loose 28lbs. At 2lbs per week, it’s an attainable goal.

Let this be my mark in the sand. From here till New Years, I’ll be tracking my progress daily online at’s Daily Plate Tracker or on my iPhone.

Want to join me? It’s free. You can sign-up today!

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